How We Do It

We, all of us, share a common desire for progress. We dream, we hope, we aspire. For our selves we crave simple successes. Acknowledgement for our achievements. For our children we’re more ambitious. We wish for opportunity that surpasses even our own.

We’re not caught up in the frantic fray of the big city. In fact, we happen to believe the horizon is better from here. It’s like Wall Street, on your street.

Investing In Values

Why Yellowstone? The treasure of the vast Yellowstone landscape was not created overnight. What better symbol to represent our disciplined and lasting approach to your wealth? We take the time to develop a lasting relationship with our clients. We will look ahead with you and help make your future everything you envision.


Investing In Values

Yellowstone Partners is an investment advisor firm that has all of the tools of the larger firms, but small enough and committed to giving you and your goals the personal attention you expect.

Yellowstone Opportunity

Value with reasonable growth opportunity, mostly mid/large-cap, diversified holdings

The Yellowstone Opportunity strategy uses a disciplined approach to portfolio management that employs fundamental characteristics of both value and growth investing. Our selection process begins by looking at a universe of primarily U.S. listed companies with mid to large market capitalization and exposure to global economic growth. We apply quantitative and analytical concepts to further establish investable ideas. Our focus is on companies that have consistent earnings growth above market levels. We tend to exclude companies with high valuations and we maintain a high level of price sensitivity while avoiding extremes in both growth and value investing.